Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Night Links 15

Wowee, what a long couple of weeks it's been! I started a new part-time/temp position last week and, while it forces me to wake up before sunrise once a week, I'm finding that I leave my extra shift with positive energy and a sense of purpose that I'd all but lost in the loneliness of house management. Switching it up this way has been a good thing, bringing perspective to why I do what I do and what I want to do moving forward.

This isn't to say that I'm not in need of a little self-care when the weekend rolls around. Here's how it's gonna go down (aka, is currently going down):

This list is pretty complete, but I would add Take Off Bra. You know the saying...

Next, I'm trying to finish this strange book so I can watch its movie counterpart. (Note to Mom and other sensitive viewers, the movie trailer features several snakes...view at your own risk!)

After Horns, I'm digging into The Pizza Bible.

Nothing goes better with reading + movies + pizza than a glass of wine, but what kind?

I try not to watch TV during the week, but since it's the weekend I'll take some time to catch up on my favorite TV shows - or at least read up about their political and creative conundrums. And how they reflect America's own political beliefs.

Above all, I hope to enjoy the above freezing weather that we've been promised in Chicago.

Happy Weekend and Happy Women's Day (on Sunday)!

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