Sunday, January 12, 2014

Man of Steel

With a free movie credit from Redbox, Jesus and I decided to give the most recent Superman movie a go on Friday night. Let's just say Man of Steel was barely worth the $1.20 I didn't pay.

If you want to see a lot of buildings and vehicles and nature get destroyed, stop reading this review and have at it. Man of Steel is technically "action-packed." It makes good use of CGI, of panoramic landscapes (being destroyed by Superman and whoever he is fighting), of dramatic wide shots--really, it's visually pleasing. Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-El himself (Henry Cavill) is perhaps the most visually pleasing aspect of the entire movie. Like seriously, he's gorgeous.

Unfortunately, even as a visual production, great movies should feature great stories. For being nearly two and a half hours long, there is very little by way of plot, character development, or even character interaction. Several scenes were unnecessary, including the first ten minutes. Weird flashback placement, unsatisfying dialogue, and unbelievable attraction/chemistry between Clark Kent and Lois Lane (Amy Adams) made for a tough watch.

There's hope for the sequel to amp up the quality by developing the romance between Clark and Lois and showing more of Clark as a "human" in Metropolis, working as a reporter at the Daily Planet. Probably the best line came right at the end, when he takes this new job and Lois says "Welcome to the Planet." I'd like to forget about Man of Steel (won't be hard) and start there, where I feel an actual story lurking.


THANKS: Redbox, for the free movie credit, despite my poor rental choice.

Upcoming Post: Golden Globes 2014 TONIGHT! I'll be armed with a vague knowledge of the nominees and my own personal style judgments.

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