Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy Blue Year

Yesterday the mattress guys brought me a good night's sleep. I knocked out last night, dreaming of football games and birthday parties. So far, so cozy--unlike outside. There's currently a press conference on TV featuring several city department heads reminding us to shovel our sidewalks, turn up the heat, bundle up, eat healthy, and help our neighbors. Schools haven't been canceled yet (for some kids, school means at least one or two meals and definite heat, so CPS doesn't like to cancel purely for reasons of cold), but everyone is prepped for another Snowpocalypse.

Dibbsing parking spots...not sure how I feel about it.

A new mattress meant a new room rearrangement (duh, why wouldn't it?) and it also means trying out my new sheets (thanks Mom!). They are slippery. The Naw also recently purchased a new rug (our old one was re-purposed as furniture coasters so we didn't ruin our floors while we were sans rug) and new curtains (to go with the rug, of course!).

It's a Happy Blue Year here; we're only one year late on our resolution to change the color scheme in our apartment!

Yes, the picture says "Made for 75° & Sunny"...
All the snow outside makes it blinding white.


THANK YOU: Snow plow drivers.

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