Tuesday, April 9, 2013


11:30: leave apartment, forget deodorant.
3 beds made
3 loads of laundry
dinner for 3 prepped and prepared
1-800-CALL to return 3 pairs of stockings and exchange 3 more,
and can we get the hole in this jacket fixed?
Target: return Cap'n Crunch and Arnold Palmer,
we have no need of those two.
Stand in line at post office. Pay with cash.
Whole Foods:
2 kiwis
1 dozen eggs
3 pears
1 bottle of ketchup
1 red pepper
a handful of carrots
Pick up 13-yr old.
Drop off 13-yr old.
3 navel oranges, no bag I'll just juggle them to the car.
Fill up with gas:
8 gallons and several hundred rewards points, never redeemed.
Ride home: Damen, Webster, Leavitt, McLean, alley, Armitage.
Eat dinner, or don't, or sort of do, then give up and snack all night.
11:30: fall asleep, forget to brush teeth.

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