Saturday, August 6, 2011

Moving Out

Well actually, moved out. As in all of my stuff is now out of the apartment I've lived in for the past year...and currently sitting in my roommate's parents' house, where I will be "squatting" until I can move into my actual apartment in September.

So far it's been awesome here--Brit, Brooke (Brit's cousin who will also be living with us) & I are getting along super well and Brit's nieces and nephews love having extra people around. It's great being in an actual house...and the pool in the backyard doesn't hurt either.

I've had to adjust to a far longer commute (one hour as opposed to one minute), but I kind of enjoy my time on the bus and train, especially using it to decompress after work. Plus, I pass by my apartment and the apartment of several of my friends, so it's nice when I can stop by there to visit on my way home.

I'm still working in the same position I've been in, just now I'm getting paid for it and I'm technically support staff (like a substitute teacher). I'll be doing that for the month of August at least, possibly longer due to some staff changes. And the job search for a writing position is still on, with several leads.

For right now, that's the post-service life.

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