Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Monday

This is my third Monday of going to work not as a MercyWorker. This will be my third week of commuting from the north side, and after this week I will only have one more before moving into my new place. I think I must deal with transition pretty okay, because I've felt fine. Moving from just up the stairs to 50 blocks north has treated me well. I feel like I can actually calm down after work before being home and interacting with people again; the extra time on the bus/train is my "me" time for reading, listening to music, or just people watching.

That being said, I of course miss my roommates and our adventures in the apartment above the gym. It's weird knowing there are 13 strangers up there now, being trained to do our jobs. It's also taken me some time to get used to being ready to leave for work by 1:30...although I definitely feel as though I have more time, not less, to do what I want.

Today's Monday will be a different one than I've been used to, because most of my guys are now back in school. That means study time is back in full swing, and tutors not long behind it. Hopefully I remember study time procedures...we're not in summer program anymore, Dorothy.

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