Saturday, August 20, 2011

Camp Chi

Back from camp! It was quite possibly the most tired and sore I've been all year--from sunup to sundown we swam, played softball, went tubing on the lake, played tennis, and generally just ran around in the heat. I loved seeing my guys roughing it, and for the most part getting along, and it was nice to actually feel like an expert on some things. Plus we got to spend the last day at Mt. Olympus, riding roller coasters and racing each other on the go karts.

A big thanks to Mom and Dad for taking us camping as kids and giving us opportunities to try new things (or forcing us to), because it allowed me to go tubing with a bunch of teenage boys and have confidence in how to stay on the tube, along with many other things (knowing how to drive a go cart, being excited for roller coasters, even swimming in the deep end)...basically, learning all this stuff in childhood allowed me to keep up with the guys this week, and it challenged some of their sexist views.

And now the summer comes to a close for most of the guys--school starts next week, and with it comes structured program: study time, quiet time, chore time...all the things they are not excited about. Should be an interesting week in program!

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