Monday, July 11, 2011


When it comes to Independence Day, Chicago knows what's up.

It all started on a boat for Mercy Day. Back that up, it started in the Soccer Building with continental breakfast at 8 am on Friday the 1st. Fr. Scott gave a State of the Mission address and we applauded some of the pretty awesome stuff Mercy coworkers and youth have accomplished in the past year.

Okay, now the boat: we got on buses and rode down to Navy Pier, where we got on the Anita Dee II: a luxury cruise ship complete with a helicopter pad (aka, a Lake tour boat with a fake helicopter on top for decor). We got lunch and drinks and despite the violent winds, set out on Lake Michigan. The party continued on Navy Pier upon our return, then I took a 2-hour nap at home (8 am is WAY early) before joining some of the MercyWorkers and coworkers at McGhee's for a party.

Independence Day weekend continued Saturday evening as Steph, Shannon, Kevin, and I rode bikes down to the Taste of Chicago to check out Gold Motel, one of my favorite bands. We also had a load of extra Taste tickets to use, so we gluttonously helped ourselves to cheesy fries, crab nuggets, spring rolls, empanadas, chips and guacamole, chocolate-covered cheesecake, Pepsi, toasted ravioli...aka greasy unhealthy foods we rarely get a chance to eat. Except the chips and guac, that's sort of become a luxury staple in my life.

July 3rd was spent at Britney's parents' house, grilling and swimming in the pool. It's always great to get out of the Mercy Home bubble, but still be in and around the city. Getting tan isn't so bad either.

We pulled out all the stops for the Fourth. Not really. We kept it super low-key: beach, back home for dinner/showering, riding bike to the Shedd to watch the fireworks from there. That's Freedom, baby.

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