Monday, July 25, 2011

Have No Mercy/Worker

My last week of work as a MercyWorker is finished as of last night at 10:07 PM. I will never have a volunteer shift here again. Technically I will work here in the month of August, but as support staff...meaning I'll get paid for it. Crazy.

It was a low key last week of work, I guess. I don't really know what low key means anymore in the world of residential programming. After two youth/family meetings a lot of transitions will be happening in the home, plus there is the transition of me leaving. Now that they know I am leaving soon, a few of them have asked what my life plans are and it's tough not really knowing, but I think it will be a positive thing for them to experience a healthy goodbye.

Tomorrow is our last official day as MercyWorkers. We are spending it doing our last AmeriCorps paperwork so we can get that ed award, then it will be our closing ceremony. My tears started this past weekend...I'm not a big public crier, so hopefully I don't have too many more.

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  1. We are always here for you and welcome you back. love gma