Monday, June 27, 2011

My Life is Ballin Outta Hand

I have to apologize, dear readers.

I've been trying to get on here and post something, but life is really overwhelming right now. I have no idea what happened to June, but I'm going to try and remember a few big events:

Speed Dating: Our Community Night reflection from a week ago. I didn't realize how much I still don't know about my roommates! It ended on a sad note with us listing out everything we think we are going to miss after this year...there are a lot of things to miss.

Ohm: A few of my roommates and I watched a fashion show at this club on Saturday and even got into the VIP party thanks to our neighbor who was part of the show.

Nervous Breakdown: The stress of job searching and this year coming to an end hit me this past Monday. It seems like every day another of my roommates has a job or some sort of plan for next year, and I still feel very unsure of what will happen come July 27th.

New Music Mondays: After my freak out session, I joined Steph, Brit, and Becca for Downtown Sound in Milennium Park. I stepped in some vomit and got hit in the stomach by a soccer ball, but the music was good!

Dinner w/ Father Scott: We ate at 90 Miles, a Cuban restaurant, this past Wednesday before Community Night festivities. The food was awesome, as was the conversation. We are some pretty spoiled volunteers sometimes.

No Impact Man: The documentary was our reflection after Fr. Scott's dinner. I'm so glad I finally got to see it, and I highly recommend watching it along with reading the book. See old posts for my thoughts on the No Impact lifestyle.

Hyde Park: Kate requested a picnic at Promontory Point for her birthday on Thursday. It was a cooler day, and we enjoyed our lunch under a calm, but cloudy sky. Then we explored the lake front and the University of Chicago campus.

Panic Attack: More freaking out about upcoming year. It was a common theme this past week. By Friday night I felt a ton better, thanks to advice from Katie and finding out that I would by random chance have the next day off.

Taste of Chicago: It started this past weekend and goes until next weekend. I had the chance to check it out on Saturday. I didn't get anything to eat (it's not exactly stipend-friendly), but I got in a lot of people watching. There are also bands and lots of random activities, so it was fairly entertaining.

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