Monday, July 11, 2011


I knew it was going to be a stellar Community Night before it even happened. Hello, sailing on Lake Michigan with my community AND fireworks off Navy Pier? There's not much can top that, my friends.

Thanks to friends of friends and the extensive network of people MercyWorks accumulates, we got to drive up to Belmont Harbor and board the Whispering Winds. After a crash course (Stay away from the boom when it's about to move.), we set sail down the shore. We stopped just north of Navy Pier for a quick swim in the still chilly water, then cuddled back on the boat as the fireworks exploded overhead.

I think we were all getting nostalgic and sappy by this point--I mean, it was rather romantic. We played the First Impression game and talked about how we barely knew each other just under a year ago. We laughed at inside jokes. A few people got teary-eyed. That's when we knew it was time to order a pizza ready for pick-up once we docked and drove back to the West Loop.

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