Saturday, July 16, 2011

Final Retreat/Camp Dewan Part 2

Five retreats is pretty swank for a service program. For our last one, we headed back to Camp Dewan in Burlington, WI. This time we weren't still getting to know one another and discussing how to deal with conflict. We were reminiscing with re-enactments of different phases of the year, playing MercyWorks Jeopardy!, giving affirmations, creating a time capsule, handing out superlative awards, and thinking about transition.

Before we could do that, though, we had to make it to retreat. Our oldest vehicle, the faithful Blue Bomber (2004 Dodge Caravan), has lasted us through many a retreat and group outing. It's held the spare tire from a vehicle we no longer own and shuttled us back and forth from Thursday night outings, Community Night activities, and grocery store runs. We always wondered when it would quit on us, and sure enough, Tuesday was the day. We were barely ten minutes out of the city when something gave and pressing the gas pedal no longer did anything. After a few moments of panic, we maneuvered the van off the highway and up an exit ramp. We coasted into a parking lot and made many a phone call to figure out how we'd get all the way to Wisconsin.

We eventually made it to retreat, no worse for wear. Katie and Liz scheduled some structured time, but also made sure there was plenty of laidback free time to read, sunbathe, and just enjoy one another's company without the stressors of everyday life.

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