Wednesday, February 3, 2010


"I wish I had a great way to "wrap this one up", but the truth is that it's almost impossible to bring any resolve to this blog when I'm totally unresolved in my heart....I guess what I would have to say is that it isn't the level of poverty that blows me away it's our level of ignorance.

Don't feel guilty. Feel informed. Feel empowered. And for God's sake do something about it." --John Mark McMillan 1/29/10

"But there are times when I become aware of so many things that seem to be going wrong and I feel powerless in the face of it all. At that moment, there seems like there is only one thing left I can do: I pray." --Colin Beavan 1/27/10

Tonight I have to write a reflection on my experiences with poverty and as I realize how minute those are I can't help but be abundantly grateful. I can't help but prayerfully recognize how many blessings I do have.

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