Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm a real writer!

I've been meaning to put more of my creative (fiction) writing on here, especially since I'm basically a pro. (Ha.) Just today I expanded my list of credentials. I've already been published several times in Graphos, SNC's literary journal, which isn't The New Yorker or anything, but it is legit. And I learned this morning that one of my pieces got accepted to the Sigma Tau Delta International Convention in St. Louis!

I've never submitted to STD before but I've had friends go the conference and they always have awesome things to say. What I do know is I get to read MY story to people. Like a real writer. When I read my name on the list of presenters (I'm on a list of presenters! It's like the Oscars!) I swear my body started floating several inches off my chair. My face flushed and I felt this rising heat from deep in my stomach. I love writing.

Okay, I just promised more creative writing and then went on to talk about me. Oops. Check back in a few hours, I'll post the story that got accepted, okay?

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