Friday, February 5, 2010

Fridays are great

On Wednesday I had my first strength test for weight training. I showed up late, like usual, so most of the girls had already gone through the set of six exercises. Coach had written the weight he wanted us at and we had to mark how many reps we could do at that weight. I swear either some of those girls lied to look good or they are monsters.

But whatever, I figured I'd use costo as my excuse. Yesterday marked two weeks of my ibuprofen therapy. I've been taking 800 mg three times each day, about every six hours. Which means a lot of the time I'm in class when my side starts hurting again and I know it's time to pop pills. I've gotten some strange looks, but I'm not sure if that's because of the pills or my awesome water bottle, which is essentially a mason jar. People keep asking me if I'm drinking moonshine.

Since I only have my weight training class on Friday, it's my day to relax a little. I wasn't scheduled for work, but I went in for an hour to conduct a group interview since we are looking for a Writing Center Director. I'm not sure what the protocol is on interview confidentiality, but my initial reaction was not so positive. I just don't know how a Melanie Brown or a Laura Neary could be replaced I guess.

Today Yui and Yukari came over and cooked a Japanese meal for Andrea and me. We had miso soup and rice balls of varied (read: some better than other) flavors. And tonight Yuriko and Gaia are cooking another Japanese meal for seven of us. We're pretty spoiled here.

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