Monday, February 8, 2010

Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out

1. Why do I always feel more creative at night, after I climb up 700 feet into my bed? I couldn't sleep last night and I kept writing poems in my head. Of course, I couldn't remember any of them this morning.

2. If the Colts had to lose the Super Bowl, I'm glad it was to the Saints. Sorry Dad.

3. The amount of kids who came to the Writing Center of their own volition last night makes me rethink the hardcoreness of my fellow student. No one comes in on a Monday night when the Packers are playing, but Super Bowl Sunday is apparently not as important.

4. Before I went to work, I was able to catch some of the commercials. Overall, I was not impressed. Millions of dollars to reinforce stereotypes? The Favre of the Future one was alright, and I appreciated the women's heart health shout out, but beer and Doritos had nothing to offer me.

5. I want to say more about the "Don't touch my mama; don't touch my Doritos" one. It broke my heart. And don't say it was just a commercial--there's no such thing during the Super Bowl. Why do children have to resort to violence to protect their mothers? That's not cute. As a woman, I didn't appreciate being compared to a snack either. And why is the woman inviting men who need to be slapped into her home? I found it racist and sexist and just plain sad.

6. Still on the same topic. I'm getting worked up. Advertisers have to know that white men are not the only ones who watch football, so why are the majority of ads geared towards them? Sure, white men reign during the regular season, but my 70-year old grandparents watch the Super Bowl. This article came out last year and the numbers are showing that this year was the most watched Super Bowl ever. I don't claim to know anything about marketing, but as a writer I am familiar with knowing your audience.

7. We are increasing our intensity in weight training. I can barely open a door anymore.

8. I recently discovered Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and have changed my life goals to become her. Italian-born and naturalized French, she has been a model, singer and actress. And now she's the First Lady of France.

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  1. I kept saying to dad - why are so many of these commercials against women? I thought the little boy Dorito ad was terrible (and sad). And the tire ad about your "life" or your tires and he drops off his "wife". Dad thought there were plenty of ads that poked fun at men, maybe so, I guess I don't notice those as much. You can not "become" Italian-born (sorry!). Mom