Tuesday, October 13, 2009

what i was made for

Today we got our tests back in Singles & Couples, my upper level literature course. For the essay part of the test we had to finish a play that Dr. Neary had set up for us, incorporating a number of characters from the 6-7 works we've read in class so far. That was my favorite part of the test, and to be honest I wasn't sure how well I did on the first short essay part, but no worries! I only had a point off the first part and I made up for it by getting extra credit on the creative section. Dr. Neary wasn't exactly offering extra credit on the test but he wrote that it was brilliant and he actually wanted to see it performed. :)

Thank you Jesus for giving me creativity & a passion for writing.


  1. Did you get it back? Can I read it in exchange for role-playing?

  2. Unfortunately Dr. Neary keeps our tests. :( I can try to explain it to you sometime, and it might make sense...