Sunday, October 11, 2009


This weekend was such a great time in Stevens Point, but it was a break from reality--no e-mail, homework (well, I didn't do the homework I have), or agenda--and now I have to face that reality tomorrow even though I'm not sure I'm ready. No Columbus Day for this woman.

When I got to Point on Thursday night, I was reunited with more than just my Project friends...I saw a friend from SNC who was there for Long Weekend as well, friends from CHS who go to Point, a friend from UWGB visiting for the was truly a Small World experience.

On Friday we went out swing dancing and got caught up on everyone's lives. It was great to have so many Project people in one room, remembering our favorite things from the summer. Saturday was for taking a walk by the river, playing games, going out to Grazie's and watching a movie (with a projector and a giant white wall). Today we went to church and carved pumpkins (and ate cheesecake for lunch). I loved all the quality time we had and how we all reconnected so easily.

Now I get to spend tonight reconnecting with Andrea :) and then I have to think about those novels I was supposed to read for this week :( ...Thanksgiving Break anyone?


  1. I noticed what time you posted reuniting 4;04 am. Now you get your rest you hear!!!! love gma

  2. I promise I didn't post at 4:04 AM...I think my blog is still on Rome time. Don't worry Gma, I'm usually in bed by 11!