Wednesday, October 7, 2009

long weekend...because we work hard here!

Only two classes today instead of three...a couple hours at work...and then home! That's right, it's Long Weekend--the weekend of the year devoted to not doing homework, getting off campus, doing laundry, stocking up on food at home, and making people from state schools jealous. We're spoiled.

I was so excited last night I couldn't even sleep...I was like a small child on Christmas Eve. Today after work (4ish) I get to drive Greg and Andrea to the airport, where they will depart for Arizona, and then Rachel Schindler and I will make the two hour drive back to central WI.

I'll be home tonight and most of tomorrow, and then I'm headed to Stevens Point. There is going to be a small NMB reunion so I'll get to see people from this summer! I can't wait to see everyone...this time in sweaters and pants instead of shorts and swim suits and work uniforms.

Packing is almost done, now I just want to finish this book before I leave. :)

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