Sunday, October 18, 2009

sugar fast

That's right. I'm doing it, finally. I've been wanting to give up sugar for a while now but never actually did it...and I've decided it's time. I am doing a sugar fast for two weeks (I figured Halloween would be the perfect time to break a fast like this).

So starting today, no sugar for two weeks. Things I will be cutting out include:
-refined sugar (white and brown)
-white breads/crackers
-cold cereal
-things with sugar added (most fruit juices)

Which really leaves me plenty to eat:
-fruit (I am allowing natural sugars)
-whole grains

I've done my homework so I know days 3-5 will be the toughest but once I get to day 7 I'm essentially home free. Also, fasts are traditionally times of spiritual/mental/emotional as well as physical purification and sacrifice, so every time I find myself craving sugar (essentially ALL the time) I'll take that as a chance to instead meditate or think about something outside of myself.
Halloween will mark the breaking of the fast. The plan is to go to Minnesota with friends from Summer Project for a reunion, perfect for breaking a fast--kind of like coming out of hiding back into the community.

Most people probably don't announce their plans for a sugar fast like I have but I find that A. J. Jacobs inspires me to do these things while simultaneously journaling about them and sharing the experience with others. :)


  1. Please look out for cars on the highway and bears in the country. Please be very safe. Your cells need glucose to pedal your bicycle pedals.

  2. Have you read A.J. Jacob's The Know-it-All? Looks hilarious! You should read. (It.) I'd kind of like to myself. And just so proud of you in general! Reminds me I've lost focus in my life. Thanks for that.