Saturday, March 7, 2009

Summer Plans...

Today I was supposed to go on another high school visit, but the teacher canceled due to health reasons. Instead I went to hang out with a group of college students from Ohio, here on spring break.

It's kind of a strange story, but someone from Campus Crusade for Christ's Italian branch, called Agape Italia (Love Italy) has a connection to friends of mine back home. Cru is on most campuses in the States and is open to anyone interested in learning more about Christianity and spiritual relationships. It's a little different at SNC, more of a fellowship group/Bible study. Jim, the husband of the couple on staff at St. Norbert College, used to be on staff at Purdue, where he met a freshman named Brian. Brian is now on staff here in Rome and Jim introduced us via that wonderful thing called the Internet.

Anyways, other students from the States are here for spring break with Cru/Agape Italia and Brian thought it would be neat for me to join them. Agape Italia will be hosting students for the next few weeks, since it's spring break season in the States. Today I was there for their city orientation and got to hear a lot of stuff I learned in my first weeks here (some of it the hard way). I also got to meet some of the other staff living in Rome. I've learned Cru is great for networking because people do so much traveling and there is always a mutual friend!

Speaking of travel/networking...I mentioned in an earlier post my summer in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I have been officially accepted to this summer long mission project, sponsored by Cru. I'll join about 60 other students for ministry and leadership development training. We'll have spirituality discussions with the surge of people at the beach and with each other. A few of my friends have gone on other Summer Projects in the past and have always come back with nothing but great things to say. I hope I can continue this blog to keep people posted throughout the summer.

I'm halfway through my adventure here, but really the adventure is just beginning...I've learned so much already and I know I have a lot still to learn. Once again, thanks so much for reading and commenting, it means a lot to know people at home are thinking about me! And now I do believe it is time for a bowl of pasta. (of course, when is it not time for pasta here?)

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