Thursday, March 12, 2009

Good News!

We finally got our statistics midterms back tonight and I somehow managed to get 103/100 (there was a bonus question). I have no idea how it works that the class I like the least I do the best in. Not to mention I spend most of class time calculating how long before class is over with instead of whatever it is we are supposed to be learning. (I'm sorry math people, it's just not and never will be my thing).

In other news, yesterday was the official two-month mark of me living in Rome. WOW. We haven't made plans yet for this weekend, but my guess is it will include some exploring of the city. Next week is the start of spring break so we have to finalize our plans for that. Right now it looks like we'll be spending a few days in Naples, then Palermo in Sicily then Athens, Greece, before coming back to Rome. We are very excited for 10 days of no school and nice weather!!

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