Sunday, March 29, 2009

back to business: Napoli Day Two

Alright, so day two. We woke up early and went downtown for a cappucino and cornetto. We found the main square, Piazza del Plebiscito, to see the Royal Palace and San Francesco di Paulo. There was an event going on in memory of all the people who have died as a result of the mafia in Naples so the square was full and a parade added to the crowd.

We walked along the water to see Mt. Vesuvius and trekked back into the center of Naples. We pretty much saw all of it and it was getting colder so we found our way back to our hostel and to get some more pizza.

Our hostel had a ping pong table so we played a bit and then met some guys from Canada and Scotland and played with them as well. After ping pong we all went to the club inside the hostel for some dancing. The Italians there were so funny--not like Americans at all. They would come up to us girls and ask us where we were from then tell us we were beautiful and ask for our numbers. No American boy is that forward!

We danced until the DJ stopped playing music and then decided it was time to get ready for Sunday. We had to pack up and leave early to get on our plane to Palermo, Sicily. Sunday was pretty uneventful--we just flew into Palermo, found our hostel, took a nap until 10 when we thought maybe we should find something to eat.

All in all, Naples was nice and I'm glad I got to see it. It's definitely dirtier than Rome and in two days we saw everything we wanted to see, but it was neat to experience a slightly different Italian culture. For example, when they drink espresso in Naples (southern Italy in general) they first drink a glass of water to clean their mouths and get it ready to fully taste the espresso. And for sure pizza will never taste the same after having it in Naples!

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