Thursday, March 5, 2009


Alright, I should be studying for the Italian midterm I have in 2.5 hours (or the Stats midterm I have later tonight) but here's a quick note updating you on my art history course this Tuesday.

We started out by the Colosseum's metro stop and from there went up the Palatine to see the Flavian Palace (it's not so much a palace as the ruins of a palace these days). Then we came back down and got to go inside the Flavian Amphitheater...better known as the Colosseum.

I knew we would be going inside sometime during the class, so that's why I haven't gone in on my own. We had to be kind of sneaky since they don't really let unofficial tour groups inside (tour groups including classes like ours) so our teacher hung out at the back of the line as we walked through nonchalantly until we got all the way in. I guess they do it to guard against phony tour guides.

Of course I knew from the outside that it was huge, but you can't really appreciate it until you are inside. I posted my photos already (they are at the end of the album) and those give you some sort of idea of what it's like. I sometimes feel silly because I am usually the only person taking photos during class, but I paid for the class, I might as well take the photos. I don't know if the other students just don't care or if they have already been to these places and taken pictures. It's kind of funny because I'll usually stay behind at a site to get another photo and then I'll have to rush to catch up to the class. I'm sure they make fun of me. (I'll let's their loss, right?)

That was my excitement for the week, seeing as after that I had 4 midterms to prepare for. One is done, two I have today, and another is a take home due next Wednesday. And speaking of midterms I'm going to get back to the studying!!

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  1. dad is jealous, but very happy for you :)