Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Why I March

Because women's rights are human rights. We deserve equal pay for equal work, access to affordable health care, and safety from abuse, harassment, and discriminatory laws. This country was founded on liberty and justice for all, but our definition of "all" is still far too narrow and fails to include our most vulnerable citizens.

Because I refuse to normalize a presidency based in greed, misogyny, hatred, and lies. In case anyone forgot, Trump ridiculed a disabled reporter. He won't release his tax returns. He called Mexican immigrants rapists. He spends more time tweeting insults and being offended by everything than he does getting intelligence briefings. He has harassed nearly every woman he comes in contact with. These are only a few of his growing list of scandals.

Because I shouldn't have to explain that my Muslim/Latino/LGBTQ/disabled/Black/female students have worth by virtue of their humanity.

Because I can't remain silent when I have a voice, and when so many others still don't. I marched for the women who don't think they need to march, because they "feel" equal. (You're not. We're not.) I marched for the women too afraid to march - those who were born scared, who didn't have the privilege of becoming scared in 2016.

Because we are stronger together. A peaceful protest is democracy in progress; we must exercise our rights or watch them be taken away.

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