Monday, January 16, 2017

MLK 2017

How bizarre is it that today we celebrate a man who spent his life working for political, civil, and economic justice and on Friday a man who has shown zero consideration for any of those will be inaugurated president? Barf.

In the name of spreading knowledge & love & empowerment, let's remember that Dr. King was not passive in his beliefs. Often we (white people specifically) want to remember him as only a peaceful protester and law-abiding citizen, when in reality he found himself at odds with the police more than we like to admit. He went to jail 29 times and many of his actions were, at the time, considered illegal. (Some of those actions, like protesting and civil disobedience, are still criminalized today in a way that targets and effects minorities disproportionately.)

King didn't fear the obvious racists, those who were clear in where they stood with him. The real dangers were with the "white moderate, who is more devoted to 'order' than to justice." In the next four years (hell, in the next four days) we have some choices to make - let's not grow complacent just because things lack "tension," or give lip service to the struggles of minorities in this country without backing it up with "direct action." The future is waiting to see how we act. Let's not disappoint it.

*MLK quote here*
*MLK's full "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" here*

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