Thursday, February 4, 2016

Things My Students Say 3

A random sample of things overheard both in my classroom and in the classrooms I co-teach in during the day:

Student: There's this kid, well it's [name], but I'm not going to call him out...
Teacher: You kind of just did.

Student, as he proceeds to eat tamales instead of do homework as asked: Your class is fun!

"I'm working on STUFF. That stands for Super Technical Undercover Fun Facts."

Teacher: Comprehending means to under...
Student: Armour!

After going on a super cool behind the scenes tour of Motorola's test labs: We got granola bars!

Teacher: What is a housewife?
Student: A wife. Who lives in a house.

Student: Does this school have a mascot?
Tour Guide: Yes, we're the Jaguars!
Student: Who do I contact about being the mascot?

Reading about artificial flavors: What's thatƱata colada?

Me: Homework builds character!
Student: I don't need to build character, I AM a character!

Me: Okay, children...
Student: Yes, Mary Poppins?

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