Thursday, February 11, 2016

Struggles --> Successes

Things have been up/down/all around at work. I think it's normal for teachers to feel in a slump at the halfway point of the year - at least I hope it is. Kids are restless, winter's far from over, and that fresh feeling of a new school year is long gone. Now is the time for a mantra. Especially this week, with Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent, I'm keeping one question at the front of my mind:

What am I willing to struggle for?

This isn't a concept I've created - I read it here, and have since seen it circling around online - but it hits home for me. Instead of asking myself what I want out of life, I want to start asking specifically what struggle I want in my life. Because life is a struggle - and happiness comes from choosing your battles wisely. I've tried my hardest to let go of things I don't necessarily care about, deciding instead to struggle for the things I truly want.

This Lenten season, that means choosing the pains of grocery shopping and meal prep and planning because I want my happiness to be cooking my own meals (and feeding others). I'll sacrifice some TV time to focus more on things I value more: reading and sleeping and journaling. I would rather be active and have solo time, so braving the cold and taking time out of my day to go for walks (until biking season returns) will be my grind.

I'm looking forward to six weeks (and then a lifetime) of struggling.


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