Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Night Survey: Febru-Any-Way-You-Want-It Edition

I was right: February raced by this year. True, we have one extra day of it tomorrow, but with temps in the high 50s, green and orange decor showing up all over the city, and stores displaying Easter's March. I won't be doing a liveblog of the Oscars tonight, though Jesus and I do have it (them?) on. We've also got dinner in the slow cooker and I personally have some Chardonnay in front of me. #weekendwins

Shopping: for the week's groceries.
Prepping: for the week's meals.
Eating: Italian, Korean, Mexican, bacon, and more Mexican.
Watching: Into the Woods, high school musical style.
Wondering: if we are out of the woods, winter style.
Getting: my first Thai massage.
Drinking: lots of water to stay limber.
Stocking: up on sunshine for the week.
Opening: a few windows.
Reading: In a Different Key, Someone Could Get Hurt, and Cravings.
Walking: and walking and walking (tune in tomorrow to see my One Second Everyday from February for proof).
Listening: to the rain on my windows.
Sharing: laughs with friends and family.

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