Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Things My Students Say

When you're a teacher, you get to know a lot about your students. Middle schoolers may not always be forthcoming with details about their day to their own parents, but in the classroom they love talking about themselves. Whether it's in snippets of conversations in the hallway, things shared during a lesson, or what they write in their homework, I've heard and seen a lot of gems so far this year. A few of my favorites:

"If I want to be a doctor that means going to school until I'm like 26, and then I only have *maybe* three years before I'm old and gross and broken down." -a 12 year old, on turning 30 
"Can I throw this?" -a student, attempting to toss a Sharpie across the room 
"So, how's your boyfriend?" -the most obvious fishing I've heard (I've shared little to no details about my personal life with my students) 
"If I become an engineer, how many flat screen TVs do you think I could buy?" -a student with priorities for his career options 
"I can do the splits!" -in answer to the question "What do you like to do outside of school?"

I have a feeling this will be a recurring series...

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