Monday, October 26, 2015

Pumpkins in the Park 2015

Because I like forging and maintaining tradition, here is a brief survey of my weekend, the highlight of which was my parents coming to visit.

Smelling: apple cinnamon candles and tea.
Eating: fish and chips, pizza, cookies, and beefs.

Visiting: Jesus at work.
Drinking: lots of water.

Running: 3.1 miles in my Honey Lemon costume.

Walking: only while drinking some mid-race Gatorade.
Cheering: for the Blues Brothers, who later won the Group Costume Contest along with the rest of their SNL-themed family.

Getting: pizza with my parents and most of Jesus's family.
Saying: Yes to being Jesus's niece's bridesmaid!
Watching: a documentary on SNL, another documentary on The Shining and The Martian.
Missing: my parents already...these weekends go by too fast. (Always true.)
Reading: The Wife by Meg Wolitzer.
Writing: lesson plans.
Wanting: to continue this late October tradition.
Needing: to train for the race next time.

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