Friday, October 30, 2015

Scary Movies 2015

How is tomorrow Halloween already? October flew by in a whirlwind of spooky activities, lesson planning, and weekend guests. Here's this year's round up of scary movies and TV shows - just enough spook to get us to next October.

Sleepy Hollow

After going to a live re-enactment of the Sleepy Hollow story, Jesus and I decided to watch Tim Burton's retelling. The movie follows the original short story to a point, then it rides off on its own crazy tale. Still fun to watch!

Corpse Bride

Staying with the Tim Burton theme, and because it was featured on Netflix, we watched Corpse Bride. In this animated musical, Victor and Victoria are one night away from their wedding when Victor finds himself in the land of the dead, being wooed by the late Emily. He must find a way back to his living bride before it's too late.

Insidious Chapter 3
Due to the scare factor and intrigue of the first two installments of the Insidious series, we couldn't not watch Insidious Chapter 3. While this one keeps up with the jump scares, the story isn't as compelling as that of the first two movies. A solid Spooky Month watch, but not a "good" movie in itself.

Paranormal Activity 1-5
We started marathoning the Paranormal Activity series a bit before October, as a pre-spook to get ready for the month (and because I had never seen any of the movies). To anyone who wants to watch, but hasn't yet I recommend doing it all in one go. That way you remember more of what just happened. The continuity of the films is surprisingly good, even in cases where the story isn't about the first main characters.

The X-Files, Season 4
Finally, we're continuing our way through The X-Files (and excited for the new continuation!). This fall we got through most of Season 4, learning more about Cancer Man's past, Scully's future, and Mulder's weird neuroses.

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