Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Night in Sleepy Hollow 2015

After last year's success with the interactive Alice performance, Jesus and I wanted another night out that would include more than sitting on the sidelines (or in theater chairs, more likely). We found it in the industrious little village of Bourbonnais and their yearly reenactment of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Told in a series of campfire stories capped off by the infamous barn dance and horse chase, A Night in Sleepy Hollow is the gem of Bourbonnais Township Park District's Sleepy Hollow Village. Jesus and I lined up early and heard the first rumors of the village as we walked towards Prudence and Annie's fire. There, they introduced us to Katrina Van Tassel, Ichabod Crane, and Brom Bones. At the next fire we heard about the men's growing jealousies over the hand of Katrina. After some cider and more village stories, we entered the barn, where Baltus Van Tassel's harvest party was just beginning.

There we saw Brom and Ichabod vie for Katrina's attention, and Brom try to play a few tricks on the partygoers. Several guests told ghost stories and we were sent off on a hay ride, following Ichabod as he nursed his sore pride after Katrina's rejection.

And then, the horse chase. As Ichabod rode ahead of us, the Headless Horseman came riding up behind. He chased Ichabod across the field, where we saw the White Lady in the mist and the ghost of Major Andre, the British spy, hanging from a tree. We lost them as they crossed the bridge, both horseman and Ichabod never to be seen again.

Spookiness Managed.

We also had pizza.

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