Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Night Survey: Thick Air Edition

It's the middle of May already! What happened to this month? Not sure, but here's what happened this weekend:

Eating: up what's in the pantry and fridge.
Drinking: water, water, water.
Making: life decisions.
Reading: Serena, by Ron Rash. It's like House of Cards, if the Underwoods were logging barons in 1930s North Carolina instead of politicians in current day Washington D.C.
Watching: The Babadook. It's weird. And scary-ish.
Celebrating: a college graduation.
Writing: restaurant reviews and pep talks to myself.
Renewing: my driver's license online, which you can do in Illinois if you're a safe driver.
Walking: around several neighborhoods to get out of the house.
Napping: in the park.
Sweating: in several outfit changes each day.
Getting: lots of needed sleep, but
Waking: up with the sun and the birds. Hello open window season!

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