Friday, May 29, 2015

My Memorial Day in Eight Pictures

A photographic retelling of my Memorial Day (or the more interesting parts, at least):

The morning started with intermittent rain and wind, which meant I kept snoozing/reading/playing Candy Crush.
Well, well, well, the sun came out! So I moved my reading to the porch (until the rain started again...)
Then I came back to my bed. Also: I made my bed!
After brunch, I ventured out of the house for arts & crafts with Becca!
We made candles.
Because I burn so many candles through the winter, I'm left with an obnoxious amount of leftover wax and jars. Re-purposing for next winter!
And, of course, a little more reading before bed. I finished this interesting book...look for my review soon!

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