Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Night Survey: Mid-Weekend Edition

The weekend isn't over yet! There's something rejuvenating about a Monday off every now and then; while no weekend should be wasted, a three day weekend should be taken full advantage of. I, for one, started early with a day off on Friday. Then I paused to work a morning shift yesterday. And now I'm back to full weekend mode - and just getting started on all the food, naps, reading, friend time, and activities that Memorial Day brings.

Judging: a new ad installation inside Blue Line trains.
Finding: my Zodiac head in the Circle of Animals.
Exploring: space at Adler Planetarium.
Pretending: to be a kid.
Hoping: my own future kids are interested in cool things like space.
Walking: along the lakefront trail: always beautiful, despite the wind!
Playing: at Maggie Daley Park, our new favorite.
Napping: daily.
Sweating: and loving it.
Biking: to and from work.
Learning: about Minecraft from a teenager. (Apparently it's important.)
Watching: the Blackhawks take Game 4 into OT...and WIN.
Reading: Spinster, by Kate Bolick.
Making: strawberry cupcakes.
Eating: strawberry cupcakes. And pizza.
Convincing: Jesus to get a new haircut.
Listening: to the rain.
Spending: time with family.

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