Friday, November 22, 2013


I'm always working on something. Less frequently, I finish something (like printing out all my pictures and putting them into albums OR finally recycling my old and broken laptop--pats on the back for finishing those projects!), but mostly I'm "in process" with projects. I define "projects" loosely--actual arts and crafts, house improvements, recipe testings, self-improvement/self-reflection projects, or just plain old reading from my official Books to Read list. Here's some of what I'm working on right now:

Poems: I read a poem a day. Sometimes I like them, sometimes they confuse me, sometimes I have to make the poem a part of my world so I write it down in my Poems Enjoyed journal.

Duolingo: I finished my Spanish class last month and couldn't fit the next session in my schedule, but I still have my book and I downloaded this app to keep practicing--I might not advance too far, but I hope to keep up my current level of semi-comprehension.

Mayo: I love mayonnaise. I'm not a fan of the ingredient lists on most jars. Solution? Find a homemade recipe that I like and go crazy with sandwiches/salads/carb-heavy foods.

Horchata: Another pipe dream recipe that might become reality with the right combination of free time, craving, and gumption.

Candles: We have a lot of candles. We also have a lot of candle leftovers. I want to melt old candles down and make new ones, using up some of our random jars. I think all I really need are new wicks. Wow so many stories must get subscription to keep reading.

Mattress: Long story short, I need a new one. Shopping around isn't my favorite thing to do, so I'm holding off for a sign from the universe about how to proceed. (Again, "in process" is the key phrase.)

Two Rivers: My current read, a loaner from Becca, recommended by her mom/her mom's book club. It's an intricate story of past and present mistakes that reveals itself in slow layers, like peeling back wallpapers and paint jobs from a room you haven't been in before.

My Hair: Always a project in process, my hair is currently two very different colors. I'm growing out my bleach job and trying to train my bangs. It's also the longest it's been in my entire life.

Christmas Presents: Gotta get 'em.

This is plenty for me to work on for the rest of the year, give or take a few more books on my reading list. And of course, this blog is my ultimate project right now. She's like my 5 year old child, always changing/growing/re-evaluating who she is and how she presents herself. Ok, so a pretty advanced 5 year old. My pet project nonetheless. My short term project is to pack for Thanksgiving and bring my appetite up to speed. JK, my appetite is SO READY.

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