Tuesday, November 12, 2013

9:10, 11/12/13

It's 11/12/13. I woke up at 9:10. I can only hope that means something magical, despite the fact that I promptly snoozed until 9:19. If today is at least an ounce more magical than yesterday, I'd be content. The sun is out; so far so good.

Yesterday it snowed while it rained. The trees haven't even finished shedding, which meant I shoveled leaves at work. Freshly frozen leaves. It's a poetic image at least.

Today I will bike through temps in the lower 30s while wearing several layers of clothes--as long as there's no snow accumulation I'd much rather bike than take the bus.

I'm not ready to have winter this early, but I don't think winter cares all that much. My only defense is non-stop cups of tea.

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