Thursday, August 15, 2013

Multilingual Connections

Last night I began a new adventure. For the next two months, I'm taking a night class to improve my Spanish. Multilingual Connections offers many language courses at all levels, and Spanish Beginner II seems to be a good fit.

For our first class, we reviewed the basics and things we learned way back in high school. Our teacher is Guatemalan and very friendly, encouraging our small class (6 students, all women between the ages of 25 and 60) to speak out loud with her and to our partners. 

One of our activities last night involved a dialogue (in Spanish) to learn why each of us was taking the class. Reasons ranged from a love of continuing education to wanting to converse better with in-laws to improving confidence in speaking a second language. 

I'm excited to have something other than work going on in my life, especially since all my roommates are in the process of going back to school (for teaching and learning). Our homework is to watch two episodes of a Spanish language soap opera, so that's pretty exciting too. 

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