Tuesday, August 27, 2013

La Tarea

Yesterday marked the beginning of the CPS school year. Private schools have another week of summer, but then they'll be back too. M already has homework assigned in three classes, due on his first day back. I'm in my third week of Spanish classes, and deep in homework mode.

Each week we watch another few episodes of our Spanish-language soap opera, Destinos. So far we've learned that Don Fernando vive en Mexico City, tiene quatro hijos, su esposa estรก muerta, and ... he had another wife back in Spain during the Spanish Civil War who may or may not still be alive and was pregnant when he left Spain under the assumption that she had died in the bombing at Guernica.

Things are getting pretty intense on the telenovela front.

I've given myself extra homework for the class as well. Since it's the second level class and we skipped over all the beginner stuff, I'm doing that on my own as review. I remember most things, or parts of most things, which gives me confidence that this isn't a total waste of 8 weeks and a Groupon.

My final personal homework is conversations with mi amiga, Becca, who just got back from Ecuador, where she learned lots of Spanish, and with mi novio, Jesus, who grew up speaking both Spanish and English. Mi hermana, Bailey, also helps with my conversations and teaches me new phrases to try out. I'm lucky to have so many opportunities to practice and a variety of teachers, each with unique experiences.

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