Thursday, August 1, 2013

Boulder Public Library/Farmer's Market

Today I'm seeking shelter from the rain in the public library. It's been hot all week, so the rain is welcome--and gorgeous. Boulder gets a lot of sun, over 300 days a year on average, since the mountains usually block most of the precipitation. I'm guessing when it rains, it pours, if the current weather is anything to go by. It's been falling solid for half an hour with no sign of letting up.

Boulder Creek
No matter, Boulder Public Library is large and beautiful. They have free wifi, plenty of tables and electric outlets, and my view is awesome. The building is split into two parts: library and art museum. A walkway between the two runs over Boulder Creek, where people were fishing and inner tubing before the rain started.

Last night, Jesus and I walked around the Boulder Farmer's Market. It's a lot smaller than Madison's (though we heard the Saturday market is bigger than the Wednesday market), but still filled with fruit vendors, people selling granola, organic baked goods, homemade wares, and even shakes and smoothies that you blend by pedaling a specially refurbished bike.

We had bike-blended dessert first, then went to the local Whole Foods, a crazy popular hangout, for sushi and sandwiches. More people are starting to show up for the parkour event and we got to play around a bunch on the new gym structures (trampoline, foam pit, ledges, rails, walls, and anything else you can imagine to climb around on). We are sunburned and sore, but appreciating the change of scenery!

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