Saturday, August 31, 2013

Happiness Happens

This August marks the 14th anniversary of the first Happiness Happens Month. Yes, there is a society of people so bent on spreading happiness, they worked to give it it's own month. It started with just a day, August 8, 1999, and grew to the entire month in 2000. They even categorized "31 Types of Happiness" that one might experience during a month, from "Joyful" to "Content" to "Spiritual" to "Balanced" --I was skeptical at first, but I have to admit happiness does cover a multitude of more specific emotions.

I think I experienced most, if not all 31 this past month. It's hard to believe I was in Colorado at the beginning of August, it seems like such a long time ago. I've done a lot since then, but mostly I've worked -- M is back from camp, school is starting, and while the days are growing shorter, my own days have gotten longer with added hours of Spanish practice, reading, and adjusting to several additional temporary roommates.

In all the chaos, it's funny what I did manage to accomplish on this month's How To Be Happy list--there were some very specific things that I coincidentally did, not because I saw them on the list, but because they were in my plans to do all along. That being said, I missed the mark on many of these, and several I don't see myself doing any time soon.

  1. Start a collection. I've started collecting roommates. I'm up to four.
  2. Form a mastermind group. I have no idea what this means, but I think with five people living here we are close to a mastermind group.
  3. Think about something you wanted and got. This reminds me of that episode of Parks & Recreation when Donna and Tom celebrate "Treat Yo' Self" Day. I want it? I got it.
  4. Read at least two books on the same subject. All day every day.
  5. Write your own obituary. Nope, did not do.
  6. Go fishing. Also a no-go. 
  7. Visit a farmers' market. Technically we went on July 31, but Jesus and I did go to a farmers' market in Boulder.
  8. Kid someone. I kid myself most days.
  9. Make your own ice cream/yogurt. I'm not ready to be that crafty.
  10. Observe a construction site. Check. There was a lot of construction going on in Boulder right by where we were staying, so we passed it every day.
  11. Attend a rehearsal. I want to say I've done this, but I can't think of a time I watched someone rehearse for something this month.
  12. Spend time in a bookstore. This I can say I've done on several occasions, both at chain and independent stores.
  13. Attend a service of a different faith. During my MercyWorks year I remember attending several different services, but I haven't explored recently.
  14. Visit a factory. Yes! I toured a tea factory in Boulder.
  15. Release your frustration physically. Biking is my physical outlet, and I have used frustration to power me up hills and help me make green lights.
  16. Make a tape for a friend or relative. I've never made a tape for anyone. I've made CDs, but not since high school I think. I did recently play DJ during a car ride.
  17. Go on a bike ride. Yep.
  18. Get together with old coworkers. The majority of the times I get together with people, they are old coworkers. That's what happens when all your friends are people you've worked with.
  19. Start a garden. ...Or finish? It's August, ain't nobody starting gardens now. And after last week's heat wave, my garden is definitely finished.
  20. Clean out your computer files. Done! Well, getting done. I'm cleaning out my old computer and getting all my documents, pictures, and music transferred to my new one or to flash drives.
  21. Take a train ride. An L train ride?
  22. Deepen your intuition. I don't know how to begin doing this. Meditation, I guess. Journaling, breathing, cultivating awareness--things I do on occasion.
  23. Get your shoes shined. At the airport? I don't think I even own shoes that would need shining.
  24. Spend a whole day people watching. Check.
  25. Attend an amusement park, fair, or circus. I haven't done this yet, but the plan is to go to the Renaissance Fair on Monday. Technically in September.
  26. Conduct a science experiment. Ummm...I might have done this? Not officially, but I do clean with vinegar and baking soda, and that's classic science.
  27. Cuddle with someone. I have four roommates and a boyfriend; there are always cuddles at my house.
  28. Get your resume together. I did this sort of recently, and nothing new has happened since then, job or education-wise.
  29. Look for signs of fall. Heat indexes over 100 degrees? Thunder, rain, hail? That's what we've had the past few days. No fall yet.
  30. Do a puzzle. I have a sudoku app on my iPod and I like to time myself on the expert level. I've gotten pretty okay at them.
  31. Ask for a raise. I don't know if I have the kind of job where one can ask for raises. Also, I don't necessarily need a raise. What I need is health insurance and a retirement plan.

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