Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Another Month, Another Challenge

Bye April! Poems were not doing it for me at the end there. Still, I think poetry month was an overall success. I wrote gems and duds, and read/reread favorite poets. I pledge (to myself, and now to you) to think about/practice poetry more often throughout the entire year, in the hopes that come next April I'm a bit fresher and need less time to warm up my poetry muscles.

As loyal readers know, May is National Photography Month. I'm going to celebrate, but the thing doesn't really need a special month like poetry (or pretty much all other art forms). It's everywhere--anyone with a smart phone is a photographer. That being said, I did get a new (digital) camera, so I'll be testing that out extra hard this month.

I leave you with a pic I took with my computer during the process of bleaching my hair. Also, giraffes in love in the background. Note: no makeup/editing/filter...just raw laptop photography.

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