Thursday, September 20, 2012

Get Fit to Thursday Night Comedies

What better way to work out than in front of your newly reinstalled ancient television set? I did this circuit as I watched my regular comedies:

30 seconds scissor kicks
30 seconds ab rows
30 seconds toe touches

Yes, I know. That's only a minute and a half. I decided my abs were sore from yesterday and did a few non-core exercises instead. And don't forget my daily 6 mile bike ride!

Fruit smoothie (banana, peach, strawberry, yogurt, oatmeal)
Crackers & salsa
Carrots & hummus
Cheese & crackers
Crackers & hummus
Mint gum
Celery & peanut butter & raisins
Giant salad with veggies, cheese, & nuts
Raspberry lemonade
Several tempting smells of Brooke baking cupcakes

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