Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Break: Week Two

The second week of break brought cooler temps for M and me, but we still enjoyed plenty of activities.

Watching movies, playing board & video games, reading:

While watching Avatar: The Last Airbender:
Me: I used to watch this with my sister.
M: Really? How old is she?

On secret agents retiring: They need to stop going to rich people's parties if they don't want to be agents anymore. That's where trouble starts.

Playing LEGO Batman: I'll be Flatman, you be Ribbon.

To G, out sick from school: What is there to do on facebook in the middle of the day?

After getting off the phone with his mom: Wow, G, Mom actually thinks you're sick.

Playing Pictionary:
M: I was gonna draw Miley Cyrus, but, you know...
Me: What?
M: You wouldn't get it because you're not a kid.

Playing Risk: Your first mistake was keeping all your armies in South America.

Playing Stratego: You should probably never lead an army into battle ever.

After reading for two hours straight (yes, I read too & yes, he loves reading):
M: I wanna watch Family Guy now.
Me: Why?
M: Because it's funnier than you.

As you probably gathered, the kid's a jokester. I plan to continue cultivating this side of him in the months to come.

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  1. Everyone knows that you successfully secure Australia first in Risk. It's a highly strategic, and defensible maneuver. Just sayin'