Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Break: Week One

I'm not in college, or any school for that matter, but I'm still in the middle of Spring Break. That's right, M has TWO weeks off school. Here are some highlights from Week One:

Beach Day with M:

After handing me a shell: "Here's something nice, now go make me a lounge chair out of sand."

"People are at work or school, but I'm at the beach! You're at the beach too...AND you're at work. You have the best job ever."

Me: That cloud looks like a viking ship.
M: That cloud looks like suspended ice particles.

After digging a giant hole in the sand, he lays flat on the ground and puts his head in it: "Is this what ostriches feel like?"

Playdates, bike rides, library trips, random observations:

On being able to stay awake for The Hunger Games midnight premiere: "I mean, it's not like you'd be going to see Water for Elephants. Who would go to a midnight showing of that? Clowns?"

On the neighbors' backed up sewage problem: "Yesterday it smelled like zoo. Today, fish."

"Do you think you could be an assassin if your only weapon was wire?"

"We started off playing Keep Away, but that turned into War, as these things do."

"I want to mow the lawn, but dandelions are all aunt used to pour paint thinner on dandelions."

"What if Katniss had a balloon as her weapon, not a bow and arrow? Everything would be so different."

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