Wednesday, February 29, 2012


You know how the saying goes, "It's Leap Day. Real Life is for March." No? Oh, I guess that's just a 30 Rock thing. Whatever, I still thought it as I went about my day doing crazy Leap Day things like chasing down three separate buses before giving up and getting an iced coffee from Dunkin' Donuts, then slamming it down before the next bus came.

If you're thinking my morning didn't go exactly how I planned it out in my head, you're right.

It got better after the coffee, though, as things usually do. I commandeered M & G's iHome so I could listen to my "getting shit done" playlist while I made beds, washed dishes, changed thermostat batteries, and took apart the multitude of LEGO creations M has decided to part with.

Then I took my weekly Whole Foods trip. At the checkout my cashier asked what I planned on making for dinner. I was buying mostly fruit, so I'm not sure what provoked the question. I answered honestly: "Not sure yet, but I have plenty of options!" Turns out Subway is what I made for dinner, at least for me. Since today's the last day of FebruANY, and because I didn't want to cook after running post-work errands/walking home in the rain, I got myself a falafel sandwich.

So I didn't really let Leap Day wonder inspire me to do something crazy, something I'd only do once every four years, but at least the weather definitely channeled the "Real Life is for March" mantra today. Sunny, windy, and in the high 50s this morning, it suddenly switched gears this afternoon and started raining. That means back to real life and 30 degree weather tomorrow...and Shamrock Shakes! (Seriously, how often do I post about those? I deserve a share of profits I think. Or free Shamrock Shakes. O gosh so excited right now. Do they serve them with the breakfast menu?)

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  1. haha. love the fact that you have a gettin shit done playlist. I do too. :) Priceless. and legos? epic. just epic. :)