Saturday, February 18, 2012

Activities & Successes

I'm currently in the middle of another 12-day week, two regular work weeks linked by picking up shifts at Mercy over the weekend. I have a feeling this one won't burn me out, though, seeing as today we went to the Bulls game and were treated to custom-made cupcakes later in program and tomorrow we're ice skating downtown. Can't really call that "extra shifts,"...more like "extra activities I get to do for free."

My day job continues to spoil me with its dream hours and a work load that's neither too easy (boring) nor too challenging (stressful). I hit a lull a few weeks ago when I had no pressing projects, but with the purchase of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and the discovery of the household WD-40 and food processor, I have lots of new things on my to-do list at work.

To top this week off, I finished not only the Friday crossword puzzle (in about 15 minutes, thank you very much), but also this week's Friday Sudoku (in two days, but it's the very first Friday Sudoku I've finished ever). I hung it up on my fridge.

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