Friday, February 17, 2012

Clowning Around

I just finished I Love You More Than You Know and while I am very different from the author, Jonathan Ames, we share a few similarities. He writes about bizarre situations he finds himself in, or normal situations that somehow turn bizarre thanks to the monologue in his head. I like to think my life is similar to that--things may seem normal on the outside, but I'm creating a complex world with my rampant imagination. There's also this excerpt:

"I answered the interviewers questions as playfully as I could, making sure to let them know that I am simply a literary clown and my goal is to bring some laughs to people, that perhaps this has some value and meaning in our world, whatever it is that value and meaning mean, you know what I mean."
Yes, Mr. Ames, I do know what you mean. I've said almost the exact same thing--one of my biggest goals in life is to make people happy. I like it because there are infinite ways to make people happy (unlike if my goal was to become an astronaut, because I'm pretty sure there's only one way you can accomplish that), but this freedom of how to reach my goal doesn't make it an easy task. Ideally the things I write would make people happy, while at the same time making me a living. Until I get to that place, though, I'll have to settle for making myself happy by blogging and making others happy by not shrinking their cashmere sweaters.

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  1. Nice! :) You're a pretty cool cat. Just sayin.