Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Week in Numbers

5 days in a row a fire truck crossed my path
2 times I coincidentally followed the fire trucks to the fire
home-cooked meals
7 turkey burgers you can get from 1.5 pounds of ground turkey
0 times I have ever considered eating a turkey burger in my life
20 minutes to broil lemon pepper salmon from frozen
0 times I have enjoyed the smell of salmon
4 Meatless Mondays my teenagers will be forced to observe each month as a result of me cooking
11 loads of laundry
0 pieces of clothing my 14-yr old put away in her closet
9 light bulbs changed
1 storm door handle installed
2 redeye crosswords partially completed, a Tuesday and a Friday
10 grocery store trips
7 grocery stores
3 Trader Joe's before I found limited edition Candy Cane Joe Joe's required for winter survival by my boss
6 boxes of Candy Cane Joe Joe's purchased
30 minutes waiting for the Damen bus
30 degrees Fahrenheit while waiting for the Damen bus
30 approximate layers of clothing I've grown accustomed to wearing on any given day
20-19 the score of the game my 12-yr. old & I play, where the object is to flick a playing card into a basket

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